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Dejdis Sepahan Company was established by a group of experienced engineers in 1999. Dejdis Company has been active with continuous efforts in conducting many civil projects such as industrial concrete structures, educational administrative hospital buildings, infrastructural installations and massive construction for years. This company considers honor of service to Iran as their priority, therefore by considering country needs, lack of modern constructing system and waste of time and materials in constructing old-style buildings in comparison with using modern technologies, take an action in constructing buildings. Using tunnel form method – steel frame bolt and nut, one-way waffles and Open web steel joist can be pointed as some of the examples of their achievements. Currently, the company by having huge benefits of expert, reliable, experienced human resources and well-known expert managers and modern machinery and equipment, and achieving up-to-date knowledge, and performing dozens of projects all over the country with the best quality, is aiming to have an indelible share in the development of our country and by considering the goodwill of board of directors, will try to finish all of their current projects with the best quality and in-line with updated standards and accurate timing. 

The result of these efforts and enormous exertions is shown in building almost 5,000 housing units in the Esfahan province ; first grade award in building from Management and Planning Organization of Iran and1 receiving first grade award in massive construction from Ministry of Urban Development.

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